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Why I love Open Source?

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Since I started to code in 2012, I learned to love the open-source life and to love how the community is open to share and help other people, sharing the coding which they worked hard and making it possible to run in a couple of minutes for anybody in the world, sharing your knowledge with questions and answers on the StackOverflow and all of the StackExchange sites, creating docs and tutorials in blogs and sites like Medium and GitHub.

I learned to love how all of this made my learning curve so much less complicated in the Software Engineering area.

Being honest, I don’t think that I would be happy how I am now working as a Software Engineer without the Open Source and the Open Source community.

So in this article, I will try to share a little of my life using Open Source.

Why work with Open Source is so important today?

Today all the biggest companies in the world understand how Open source is so indispensable for the evolution of their business and the technology in general, focusing on creating their open-source projects. Great examples are the vscode from Microsoft, Swift from Apple, and React Native from Facebook.

And I am content with this because IMHO I think I am doing great focusing on the Open Source as a Software Engineer and person. If you think in to improve your career, I can share with you the number of opportunities that I receive daily from Brazil (the current country that I am living on) and Abroad -> on my LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and Github profiles.

My life using Open Source

Today, everything I do daily is using open source. I use the manjaro system as my personal and work OS. I work with technologies like Python, Node.js, React, Docker, and so on. I use the all possible examples from people of the community on the GitHub, besides the help and the code that I usually get on the StackOverflow.

In this way, today also, whenever possible, I get happy when I share some code that I am studying on my GitHub, when I write some posts on this blog and when I ask or answer some questions on the StackOverflow and StackExchange sites.

I had slightly decreased the frequency of contributions in recent times because I was trying to organize my next career goals and, I saw that one best thing that I can do is always contribute to the community in all possible ways. And I now I am trying to back in full force with these contributions 🚀.

Some of my Open Source work:

  • My Resume - my résumé is developed using the Latex/TeX technologies based on the project Awesome-CV which, I just gave a little custom in my way. Today the source code of my résumé is available on the my-latex-resume project on my Github.
  • This blog - This blog is develop using Hugo, one of the best Static Site Generation(SSG) tools today and which I love. And everything here is open source. The structure and posts of this blog are available on the coderade.io-blog the project and, the generated code is available on the coderade.github.io project and, the theme is available on the coderade-minimalist-theme.
  • My StackOverflow profile - How used it every day, I like to ask and answer some questions on the StackOverflow whenever possible. The StackExchange platform is not open source, but it’s a great platform to be helped and try to help the community.
  • Some big projects that I was able to contribute:
  • pySkypeBotApi - A simple Skype bot wrapper using Python and Flask for the Bot Connector/Rest service.
  • awsdocs/aws-doc-sdk-examples - I was able to help with some code examples used in the official AWS SDK documentation
  • jiaaro/pydub - I was able to help with the documentation of the Pydub project.
  • sergi/jsftp - A client FTP library for NodeJS that focuses on correctness, clarity and conciseness.
  • demo-progressive-web-app/gokulkrishh/demo-progressive-web-app - A demo for progressive web application with features like offline, push notifications, background sync etc,
  • Atyantik/react-pwa - An upgradable boilerplate for Progressive web applications (PWA) with server-side rendering, build with SEO in mind, and achieving max page speed and optimized user experience.

** There are some other examples of projects which I had the pleasure to contribute available on my GitHub.

  • Some on my Study in some technologies and topics:
  • My studies with Ruby, Rails, and TDD:
  • My studies with React and React Native:
    • reactNativeCoursesApp - Courses app build using React Native and Materialize based on my Lynda React Courses project.
    • react-redux-es6 - a project with purposes to study React, Redux, and ES6 more deeply.
  • My studies with Ansible: - project with some examples of how to use Ansible.

*Today, I have 72 public repositories on my GitHub showing a little of what I am studying. I always try to document my projects, making it easy for everyone to run them. I try to follow whenever possible the leading code standards, quality, testability, and safety. Please take a look!

In this article, I tried to show with IMHO how the Open Source and the Open Source community changed my work and personal life and how I think that the Open Source ideas can make any person a little better giving some examples of what I am doing in the Open Source community.

If You like this article or think that I can improve something, please try to comment. That is how the Open Source works! 👊

You also can try to read the other articles on this blog when you have some time.

Thanks for reading.


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