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Hi there!

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Hi there.

After a few attempts with the coderade .in and .io blogs, I returned to write in a blog again.

But now with no expensive domain and freedom in customization excuses, heheh. I’m hosting this blog on the GitHub Pages that is totally free and is very easy to use.

On this blog I will write about code, life hacks and I’ll try to share my experiences in this vast life (yeah, with 23 years old).

The blog is powered by Hugo and I normally use the IDEA Atom Editor to write my posts with Markdown ❤️.

About me

I am a Software Developer from Curitiba - BR focused on open-source technologies, with a very special love for JS, Android and Ruby on Rails.

Arch Linux user (Using manjaro now 😉) and Java Certified Developer, I have five years of experience with Web and Mobile development and I really loves what I do, especially when done in the right way.

I born and raised on the seacoast of my state, so since I was a child I love the most sports and try to practice as much of them as possible.


If You like this blog, you can contact me by clicking one of these options in your upper left corner or underneath you if you are on mobile.

Thanks for reading.


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