Rails 5 new features

On this article I will try to show the new features, improvements and other important changes to Ruby on Rails version 5. I will try to show how to use the most important features of Rails 5, including Action Cable, Action Controller Renderer, Turbolinks, the Active records, Attributes API and how to use Rails exclusively as a JSON API. Besides that I will discuss the many other smaller changes in improvements such as the Rails command Router, new Date and Time methods, Secure Tokens and changes to parameters.…

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Hi there!

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Hi there. After a few attempts with the coderade .in and .io blogs, I returned to write in a blog again. But now with no expensive domain and freedom in customization excuses, heheh. I’m hosting this blog on the GitHub Pages that is totally free and is very easy to use. On this blog I will write about code, life hacks and I’ll try to share my experiences in this vast life (yeah, with 23 years old).…

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