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Hi there.

After a few attempts with the coderade .in and .io blogs, I returned to blogging again.

But now with no expensive domain (After using the coderade.github.io, I bought the valde.ci domain, that is expensive hehe) and freedom in customization excuses.

I’m hosting this blog on the GitHub Pages that is free and is very easy to use.

On this blog, I will write most of the time about coding, DevOps, and Software Engineering (some IT stuff), but I’ll try to share my experiences in this vast life too (yeah, with 28 years old).

This blog is powered by Hugo and I normally use the IDEA, Atom Editor, Visual Code editor to write my posts with Markdown ❤️.

About me

I am a Sr. Cloud Architect / Sr. Software Engineer from Brazil with 28 years old and, I was born and raised in Guaratuba - Brazil, but I lived in a lot of cities since I learned how to buy bus and flight tickets.

I have more than 8 years of experience working in the IT area. I already worked as an IT infrastructure analyst, Web developer, Software Engineer, and DevOps and IoT Engineer. So most of the time I worked with Linux and coding and I loved it.

Currently I’m working as Sr. Cloud Application Architect on the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I like to study every day, so I have some course certificates, that are available here, also I enjoy learning new languages whenever possible (currently I speak Portuguese, English and a little Spanish, eager to learn a new language).

I like sports, so I like to go to the gym every day (after I finish this update I will do some workout) and I do some running and cycling, some surfing, playing drums, do meditation, reading and studying math, trying to keep a healthy and good routine.


If You like this blog, you can contact me by clicking one of these options in your upper left corner or underneath you if you are on mobile.

Thanks for reading.


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